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Bodyology's equipment comes with complete peace of mind in that
1. Complete trust in quality of equipment and QUALITY in results
2. Comfort in client AFFORDABILITY
3. Assurance in getting clients through the door with proven BUSINESS GROWTH TOOLS

By partnering with Bodyology International you will capitalise on our experience as a leader.
Years in the weight loss and anti-ageing business, we know that the way for a fast ROI on your machine is to duplicate proven marketing strategies and to offer your clients an affordable means of financing.

All Bodyology machines have been developed under strict medical grade specifications ensuring optimal, reliable results for your clients. Your new MC machine comes with a LIFETIME warranty, a proven indication of quality

Upfront Client funding:
We can fund all Medical & Cosmetic treatments & any associated costs like product, pharmaceuticals etc
a. Example – If you are a skin clinic and purchase an MC2 Facial Sculpting unit, you can sell your client an additional $500+ in product and add it to the package for full finance
b. Example – If you are a fitness centre and purchase an MC3 Body Sculpting you can sell a range of _supplements and protein powders and add to the package for full finance

There are no services fees charged to your business

We manage the whole application process, you do not need to assist with any admin or processing

Our minimum criteria is - client must be able to show
a. A proof of income
b. No current adverse credit history

We can accept following proof of income :
a. Full time
b. Part time
c. Self-employed
d. Casual
e. Centre link as primary source of income (single parent A&B/ carer / disability)

We can fund up to $70,000 per client

Once we have received proof of income, the client will generally be conditionally approved within 24-48hrs

We provide remote access documents/contracts to anywhere/anyone in Australia

Over the phone transfers so client isn't doing any running around

Once client is approved, full funds are transferred into your nominated business account.
a. Example – client purchases package for MC2 @ $2999 – cost to client approx $30/week – full $2999 is transferred into your bank account within 48 hours
b. Example – client purchases package for MC3 @ $4200 – cost to client approx $39/week – full $4200 is transferred into your bank account within 48 hours

For a small fee of $99 we will organise for our I.T. Department to install an automated finance application _ onto your website, this will have a secure login for your staff, once completed by client and submitted, it will be flagged as your business for tracking and management purposes.

Full day on site training with main operators of machine
* Full machine accessories
* Fully comprehensive training manual
* Lifetime warranty on parts and 3 years on labour
* Local Australian ongoing support
* Marketing assistance to gain fast ROI on investment
* Sales training for staff
* Artwork will be supplied and personalised for;
* DL flyers
* Pull up display banners
* Window signage
* Web page
* Ongoing graphic design assistance at reduced rate

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